Thank Yous

Quotes from beneficiaries of the EDCF Quality of Life Fund

“I got everything and it all works perfectly I cant believe the difference from my old Neb and the size, I would have never thought of taking my old nebuliser to work or on holiday but my eflow is amazing, I cant thank you enough!”


“You would not believe how grateful I am for your help. I really appreciate it & can’t say thank you enough.  I am not doing too badly healthwise, going back on iv’s next Wednesday.  Thank you again for all your help & support, I’m extremely grateful.”

“You and your team are angels for what you do.  Many thanks again.”

“Just wanted to let you know that the E-flow arrived yesterday and I have now used it 3 times, I have to say its even better than I expected!!  Both my wife and I are really impressed with the silent and fast operation. I am very grateful to you and the charity for your help.”


“I received my neb the day before I left. It’s fab. When I opened the box I thought they’d missed out packing the neb itself until I unzipped the pocket at the front. IT’S TINY!

It’s sooooo quiet, I finish within 5 mins whereas before it took me 15mins. It’s changed my daytimes dramatically. Thank you ever so much.”

“I’m enormously impressed by what you’ve done – and are doing, and I’m hugely grateful for making my kids lives (and consequently mine too) . much easier….

Thanks again, so much, for your help.” My son sends his huge thanks and says life just got even better!